One little thing… Junk Drawer


I forgot to take a before pic, but it was kinda crazy! I was trying to use the rarely-used grater feature on the food processor, and couldn’t find the little connector thing, rendering the feature worthless! I used this frustration to clean out, move, and organize my junk and silver wear drawers.


*Take everything out.
*Clean the drawer.
*Throw away anything broken, incomplete, or yucky.
*Set aside anything still good that you don’t use and put in your charity or yard sale box.
*Put like things together, and purge multiples if you can.
*Keep sets or unmanageables together, contained, and labeled. I used zipper bags for this.
*Put everything back, in an intuitive place, and keep it pretty!


Using little flower pots was perfect to organize pens and a matchbook collection.


Zipper bags are a great way to gather and store items that have multiple pieces or are ambiguous.


I have 3 power plugs, and labeling the bags lets me know which I need to grab.


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