One little thing… Recipe binder


Holepunch a brown paper lunch bag for added storage in your binders.

In my household and recipe binders I have some hole-punched brown paper lunch bags to hold things that I’m not quite ready to file properly yet. This one is full of scraps of paper that I have jotted recipes on but haven’t tried yet. No sense putting forth actual effort if the family hates something (Calitots come to mind).

Today I am gathering up all of the loose bits of paper containing anything food-related and deciding if I am keeping it, tossing it, or wait-n-seeing it.

If I’m keeping it – I will write or type the recipe, or print it off from the source. Then holepunch it and file it in the appropriate place in my binder.

If I’m tossing it – then, um, I’ll toss it.

If I’m wait-n-seeing it – I’ll put in the Recipes to try bag and attempt to incorporate it into the menu planning. I try to add two new things each week – one main dish and one side dish or dessert. I don’t want to overwhelm the family, but I don’t want my Recipes To Try bag to be neglected either. There are so many wonderful recipes on the interweb and they will never become your favorite if you don’t make the effort to actually try them!!

Favorites that I’ve tried and loved:

Sandra Lee’s Salisbury Steak

Man Pleasing Chicken

Baked Tacos

Today, I’m trying this one: Crock Pot Scalloped Potatoes  (but 1/4 the recipe!). Fingers crossed!!


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