Lunchtime progress: day 1


I’m sitting down to eat and I wanted to give an account of what has been done… And what hasn’t. I also want to show a quickie Dollar Tree project.

I am trying to decide if I want to hang on to a bunch of tasks for One Little Things, because I actually plan to do a bunch this week, or show them off as they get done. Kinda feels like that defeats the whole purpose though, don’t it?

My very good plan to start with regular weekly cleaning didn’t work out so hot. I swear I had very good intentions, but got sidetracked eleventy seven times, and here we are. Don’t judge!

My Done List:
* Cleaned and redecorated the coat rack/shelf by our front door
*Committed mass bugicide in our sideboard (as an aside, there was an albino roach – apparently they’ve started to evolve. It’s been over a year and everything I’ve tried has failed. Once I’m working again I’m hiring an exterminator!!)
* stripped the sheets and used the magic urine stain remover from Pinterest on the nasty sweat stains. Then FauxBreezed the mattress and pillows.
* cleaned the glass on the front window, front door and china cabinet
* vacuumed the dining room and made another attempt at getting the old kitty stains out of the carpet
* went to the grocery store and Dollar Tree
* while my frozen pizza was in the oven, did the gift wrap project
* while eating, made this post. Finished eating and kept typing. Whoopsie.

Now on to the gift wrap project.
I found 4 bags in 3 locations in 2 different rooms of the house filled with stuff to wrap presents. While I was at the Dollar Tree, I purchased a hanging suit bag, and decided it would be the new home of the wrapping stuff. Now I’ve seen this done all over Pinterest, but today it was my turn!






I had a couple bags I was saving but would never use – who uses a Vicky Secret bag to give non-Vicky Secret stuff? Nobody. So I repurposed that one into a holder of tape, ribbon, cards, and mini bags. I hung that on the hanger inside the bag. It’s perfect for that purpose. A few of the bags had to go, because they were beat to heck and back. Also, this is not my Christmas wrapping stuff – that lives in the attic in its own little wrapping paper timeshare.

I’m excited, so now I’m going to make a list of the other crap I want to finish today.


About brandeekins

I'm a child of God, wife, Mom and step mom of 7 (!), knitter, crocheter, and maker of hairbows and afghans. I am living through heart failure and bi-polar disorder at the ripe old age of 40something. I am a car singer, cupcake baker, Pinterest loving former nurse that takes great pride in her faith, family, and abilities. Disabilities be damned.

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