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Day 4: The Bathroom Project


I went to Lowe’s the other day and spent about $8 on 20 sticky tiles. They were $.38 each (the cheapest), and although they weren’t my favorite, I was happy to settle for these at about 1/3 of the cost of the really cute “wood” ones. I had seen this idea on Pinterest (Here) and thought it was pretty brilliant, but pushed it aside until the other night.

I almost didn’t take a before pic, because it’s gross.

Before I started the Cabinet Re-Do

Before I started the Cabinet Re-Do

Seriously… there were things that have not been used in my home for years (why would anyone with no uterus need OB?) or had expired (Albuterol no good since 2007. Really?). In my defense, my boys have not had an asthma attack since longer than that, so it hasn’t been needed. I kept it just in case, but why? I also found 2 replacement filters for long-dead humidifiers. Ugh.

Step One… Clean it out!

Drag everything out. Throw stuff away. Don't hoard!

Drag everything out. Throw stuff away.
Don’t hoard!

Step Two… Clean the cabinet itself.

My Dyson helped me with this one. (This is the before I cleaned it. Ahem.)

My Dyson helped me with this one. (This is the before I cleaned it. Ahem.)

Step Three: Stick as many whole tiles as will fit. Then, measure whatever way you can – I used all manner of crappy ways! Use a pen on the back of your tile to mark the cutting spots. Turn it over to make sure that the part you want to keep is the part you’re cutting out. I made my measurements upside down (on the paper side) so I could mark the spots… but when I flipped it over it wasn’t what I wanted, and I had to re-do my markings.

Step Four: Stick down the cut ones. Be careful and press down as well as you can.

My rolling pin has handles and wouldn't get in the corners. This did.

My rolling pin has handles and wouldn’t get in the corners. This did.

Step Five: Fancy pants people may have an actual tile/laminate roller. I don’t. My husband suggested my rolling pin, and it worked except in the corners. I had to get creative, and since I’m lazy I found the closest cylinder I could. Tada!! Makeshift roller.

Step Six: Put all the stuff your keeping back. Make it pretty. Hey, why not use the organization containers that you unearthed while cleaning out the cabinet? Apparently I have tried to organize under here before! Also, clean them first!

Apparently I've tried this before!

Apparently I’ve tried this before!

Be happy that it's done. :)

Be happy that it’s done. 🙂

Now, just 2 more sink cabinets to go!


Progress: day 3


The new and improved entryway to our home.

A dear friend from my childhood came back into my life a couple years ago after being apart for nearly 25 years. That is the magic of Facebook. She and her family came back to town to visit for Christmas over a year ago (Apparently Kansas is COLD that time of year! Florida… not so much. 🙂 ) and she had her husband make this sign for us. I love it, but hadn’t really found the perfect home for it yet… until yesterday. All along, I had kinda planned on putting it outside on the front of the house above the garage, but when I cleaned this spot right next to our front door, it seemed like the perfect place.

That shelf had all manner of stuff, and since I couldn’t really see the top of it I ignored it. OH the dust bunnies! Shopping cards for stores that have been out of business a while, an expired museum pass, a gift certificate for Bob Evans – our Bob’s closed probably 5 years ago. I’m not even sure where another one is, but I have $5 for it! There were tools, coupons… it was a mess. I put away the stuff I could, threw away the stuff I could, and cleaned the shelf.

There were a few things that I wanted to keep up there, like a little flashlight (with dead batteries by the way!), and some id cards we rarely need and I don’t want to store in my wallet. That is where the wooden bowl came in. My husband’s uncle makes these amazing bowls, and we literally have probably a dozen hanging around the house. They are beautiful little pieces of art. Some have lids, some are shiny, some dull, some lidless. All different sizes from a 2″ diameter goblet (I use it to hold pens on my desk) to a covered bowl 9″ across in Sean’s room that went from holding Desitin and hand sanitizer to holding lost socks and hand sanitizer during the years its spent in there.

As for other progress yesterday… there really wasn’t much. I went to the grocery store and got some big meat packages. I broke down 2 meals worth of stew beef, and cooked 2 meals worth of chicken thigh and breast mixture for pot pie. We ate one yesterday, the other went into the freezer, along with one package of Italian marinated chicken breast cubes, and two packages of plain, whole breasts. We love pot pie, but I am forever forgetting that I have to cook the meat first, and that always delays eating! I still have 2 big packages of chicken leg quarters to divide up, and I’ll be set for chicken for a while.

I also made the beds, met a friend for a couple hours in the afternoon, finished making a friendship bracelet, and washed the mashed potato pot from the night before.

I had big plans to clean all of the flat surfaces in the house, but that didn’t really pan out because my lazy got in the way! Hopefully today will be better. NO trips to the store! NO meeting friends! NO television!! I also need to clean the master bathroom. I gotta make a list.