Daily Archives: March 17, 2013

Plan for tomorrow


Today I bought 2 soda can dispensers at Walmart to help get my fridge under control. It’s still not wonderful, but it is better and nothing is falling out when you open the door!

Tomorrow I will go through everything to see if anything is expired and can be chucked. I did chuck a few things, but probably not enough. I would also like to do something about the disaster that are my freezers, but that will have to wait until the Christmas turkey gets eaten for Easter and stops living in my big freezer.

Tomorrow, I also plan to start working on a pantry re-do. The biggest challenge In my pantry is that it’s in 3 rooms and very disjointed. I have already made a list of the categories that I want to separate everything into.

I don’t really want to do cans with cans, boxes with boxes – but more along the lines of breakfast, baking, international, side dishes, etc.

I have been trying to figure out how store the extras – condiments and such.

I also need to consolidate the service/cookware. I was thinking about using a couple of the rarely used serving/mixing bowls as storage containers for things like snacks for lunches.

It’s a thought.


One Little Thing… Socks & undies drawer

Get rid of ugly, holy, and lonely socks!

Get rid of ugly, holy, and lonely socks!

It’s time to purge the socks & undies drawer. If it’s ugly, holy, doesn’t fit, or doesn’t have a friend… toss it! You can only hold onto that 1 sock looking for the mate for so long. I’ve held onto them for months! I KNOW that I’ve done the entire houseful of laundry in that time and the socks are no where to be found… yet I still keep them.

No More! Time to go!!

It’s 2 minutes of your time, yet makes a world of difference because it lets you see what you have and what you need.