One Little Thing: Recycle, garden style


I have a long list of things that I want to do around my home. The cleaning is coming along, and so is some of the organizing. With more of a “normal” becoming established, I really wanted to think about what else I wanted to accomplish.

One of the things still needing to be done is my back patio. It’s a crazy mess, a lot of trash with the added aesthetic of my oldest son’s bunk bed set that was removed to make room for his new bed.


On my list of things to do… Find my patio!!

I see that bed standing on end from my spot on the couch, and it pretty much makes me crazy. Many thoughts have been tossed around about what to do with the bed pieces, from reprinting and selling it to burning it in the fire pit.

After seeing a few Pinterest posts showing raised bed gardens and how easy they can be, I thought about turning this box into a veggie garden. My husband saw the “holes” in the box, and grumbling about how much work it would be, so I really told him to never mind I’d it would be too much trouble.

In his defense, the grumbling may be justified, as I have had a black thumb of death since he’s known me! Of course, I hope this time will be different…

He went to the tool store and got some wood, and I believe he plans to make my garden anyway. He hasn’t said anything, but I’m hopeful!

So hopeful, in fact, I bought some seeds today. (Shh!)
Tomato, peas, tarragon, carrots, pumpkin, and green onions. I’d also like to add rosemary (in its own container), parsley, and basil, also some celery, but I’ll do that from a celery stalk in my fridge (thanks Pinterest for showing me this was possible!).

Once I have something more gardeny to show, I will share. Wish me luck!!


About brandeekins

I'm a child of God, wife, Mom and step mom of 7 (!), knitter, crocheter, and maker of hairbows and afghans. I am living through heart failure and bi-polar disorder at the ripe old age of 40something. I am a car singer, cupcake baker, Pinterest loving former nurse that takes great pride in her faith, family, and abilities. Disabilities be damned.

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