The garden experiment


Today I started my garden. Sort of.


This is my way of picking the best seeds to start a garden with… zip top snack bags!

The quickest and easiest way to start seeds is in a folded up wet paper towel inside a ziplock bag. This makes a mini-greenhouse, and is a great environment to sprout seeds. It is a great way to see which seeds will take, and which will be the strongest to actually plant. Usually I’ll start about twice the number of seeds as plants that I want. That way, if some don’t take, that’s fine. If I mess one up during the planting, that’s fine too. I also keep them for a bit after planting in case some don’t thrive once planted.

This is the most ambitious garden I’ve ever undertaken. Usually it would be a couple plants that rarely make it off the window sill! I bought a box of snack bags from the Dollar Tree (for snacks!) and decided instead of doing it the way I had planned (3 quart bags with a few seed varieties each marked with bag closers), I would use the snack bags. Makes it easier to know which seeds are which.


This is the way I was planning on doing it, but changed it for snack bags instead. More bags, but less hassle!

Now I just put it in the window sill and wait for some sprouting to happen. By the time the garden bed is ready, the plants should be started.


About brandeekins

I'm a child of God, wife, Mom and step mom of 7 (!), knitter, crocheter, and maker of hairbows and afghans. I am living through heart failure and bi-polar disorder at the ripe old age of 40something. I am a car singer, cupcake baker, Pinterest loving former nurse that takes great pride in her faith, family, and abilities. Disabilities be damned.

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