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Blog Challenge : Day 2



10 likes & dislikes. 

Likes: reading, myriad music, ice cream, spaghetti, crafting, the north,  helping people, making lists, hockey, football

Dislikes: rudeness, bad words in music on the radio, racism, spicy foods, eggs (ironic since I raise chickens), fake friends, basketball, bugs, scary movies, guns

There’s my lists! More later, and day 3 tomorrow. 🙂


30 Day blog challenge: Day 1



I’ve decided to do this challenge. It’ll be fun, I think! 

Day 1: basic things about me…

I’m 39, mom of 2 boys, and soon-to-be step-mom to 5- 2 boys and 3 girls. 

I was born in upstate NY (Canada adjacent), and grew up in Tampa, Florida. 

I’m an unemployed nurse, and full time crafter. I knit, crochet, and make bows. I have tried quilting, painting, card-making, scrapbooking, and sewing but I’m better at what I do now. 

I have always loved to write, and I’m glad I have a blog to let all of the words out of my head. 

I love music of many kinds, I love the smell and feel of a library book in my hand, and I’m a girly girl at heart. 

I fall in love too easily, and I am still friends with so many of my exes. 

I am most afraid of being alone. 

That’s it for now!

Carrying On


It’s been quite the day here at home. I had a phone “interview” at the hospital I worked for last year, and I am praying that I get it. I finally feel like am getting my health back to normal, even though I still get winded pretty easily. That’s my other prayer – that I am able to DO the job once I get it!

I have so many crafty projects, but they just aren’t paying the bills! I have made some new bows (and a new post on the Hook N Stick blog – ) and currently have 32 out for sale with a couple different people.


I have “consigned”, for lack of a better word, my bows so that I can have a wider reach for customers. It seems to be going ok, and that makes me happy.

I did get a commission for another American Flag afghan. It’s been awhile since I made one, so hopefully it won’t involve too much cursing! I charge extra for them because of all of the work that goes in. I’m glad that they still get sold, though. Medicine doesn’t buy itself!

I appreciate all of your thoughts and prayers. Really.

It’s called Crazy for a reason!


It’s been quite a crazy week on the Homefront! I somehow developed cellulitis in my belly sending me to hospital, a chicken magically stopped laying eggs, I opened up my online crafty-stuff store, and I’ve made eleventy seven bows in my spare time. 

Please take a moment to Like my page on Facebook, and share it with your friends. – you can order online right from there. 

I have had the girls help me out, too, which is nice, but now they ALWAYS want to be making bows with me! Here are a few that I’ve done. I’m quite proud of my little pigtails and princesses! I’m keeping the price the same for 1 regular bow, 1 princess bow, or 2 pigtail bows. Just $5!   



I’m not thrilled with Tinks legs, I may have to figure out something else with them. But all in all, I love the princesses! 

In other news, I have a phone interview coming up for a nursing position at my old hospital. I’m ready to get back to work… I just hope that I can physically do the work. 

Tonight is crochet group, and I get to start on Sophie’s Universe. I’m pretty excited about that! 

I haven’t got much organization done this week, but I did write out my menu (and promptly didn’t follow it), and I wrote out the week in my planner and on my dry-erase board. I really want to get to where I actually use them all the time. I hope getting better organized will make my life a little less crazy!

How’s your week been?

Opportunities are knocking


We had an interesting conversation today, Dave and I. He was told of an opportunity to open a pizza shop. It’s in a pretty poor location, however there are no other shops nearby, so it’s an untapped market. I immediately start thinking about adding cupcakes and cookies… my specialty.

I’ve dreamed of opening many things in my life. Cake shop, yarn shop, wedding shop… yup, all girly things. However, I’ve never actually had an opportunity arise to do something like this. It’s exciting to think about and daydream about. I don’t know what will come of it, whether we can actually pull it together, but its fun to think about. And Pin about! 🙂

In other news, I’ve managed to do some of the things on my master to-do list, namely redo the pantry so that it makes sense. I still have to tackle the cabinets and put up the last of my shelving, but its getting there. Dave cleaned the oven for me, for which he has my unending love!

Dave’s funny. He sees me writing and questions it. What is the point? Who are you writing for? My answer? Me… and you! I write so that I can get the thoughts and ideas out of my head. I like to share the things that I learn and hopefully you get something out of it. It’s been a long time since I feel like I’ve contributed to the blogosphere, and I hope that soon I’ll be able to get back to it.

Sophie’s Universe – the new adventure!


i missed crochet group the other day. It sucked, but I had to make sure that everything was done and ready for inspection here at the house. We did well, the inspector was pleased, and now we carry on.

I missed the crocheting and conversation, of course, but I also missed something else.  Discussion about starting a crochet-a-long of Sophie’s Universe at our next meeting in 2 weeks. My response… “What’s this, now?” Then I went to Pinterest. 

Boy. Oh. Boy!  


This blanket is beautiful! There are so many color options on Ravelry, it’s mind-boggling! 


I haven’t decided what color combo I dig the most! I really love the green/purple one. It is absolutely gorgeous. However, I’m on a yarn-spending freeze, and I have to work with what I have. It needs 10 colors, varying amounts of each color. Handy, since I have lots of colors. I’ll make it work. 

I’m itching to start now, but I’ll be good. In the meantime… I’ve been making bows. Lots of bows! A girls gotta make a living somehow! My poor desk looks like a ribbon store blew up on it. I dropped off 10 at Dave’s moms house and I’ve been showing them to Facebook to try to make some money. 

In other news, I did apply for some nursing positions, and fingers crossed something will pan out. That’s it for now. Time to take the kiddos to their Daddy.

Thursday ain’t for sissies!


Today we have an inspection of the house for the landlord, which they do every year. We’ve been busy not only cleaning up, but doing projects that have needed to be done. We have gotten a lot accomplished, and it feels really good. Of course, 3 of the kids are home today and are not the neatest… shocker. I hope they will forgive the dirty floors – wonder if they’ll believe I’ve already swept them. Twice.

Anyway, we are waiting now for the guy to show up, and I can only hope there aren’t any issues that we missed. This morning, in my tidying up, I set up my desk the way it should be, and that makes me happy! My corkboard is up, my binder is together and on my desk, and the dry-erase calendar is in reach. See, it really is One Little Thing that makes you feel better.

Dinner last night was pretty awesome, and I wanted to share it with you. I found it on Pinterest, and the past couple times I was at the grocery store I kept thinking about it, but overlooked it because I didn’t know if it would go over well with Dave. Last night, I took the plunge.

It comes from the blog Yellow Bliss Road, and is found here:

Super easy, quick, and really very good. I added some fresh basil from my windowsill plant, and I used Johnsonville Italian Sausage. next time… I’ll use mild, since it was a tiny bit spicy for me! Dave loved it, and we had the rest for lunch today with the kiddos. They ate it, but weren’t thrilled. Maybe they need the mild, too?

The inspector has a window of 12-6. It’s 1 now, and I wish he’d hurry up so I can quit being so anxious. I want to organize my ideas for a bit to ease my mind.

I want to get back to making bows and set them up for sale at a local daily market. I have a few that are done, and quite a few bows that need the other stuff (clip, ribbon, button) to finish them. I used to get so excited to sit down and just create. That I got paid to do this was even better!

I have also been putting in my resume for a couple nursing spots at local hospitals. I think I’m close to being able to get back to work. I still get tired, especially after the cleaning jags of the past couple days, but the meds that I’m on are working. I think!

What else to do? Organize the pantry. Set up the plastic shelving unit to organize the small appliances in the kitchen. Organize the cupboards with pots/pans so that it makes sense.

Okey dokey… he’s here. Punt!

Date Night


Wednesday and Thursday nights around here are weird. At 6 the kids go to their moms house, and her have the house to ourselves until they get here in the morning for the school bus. So, Wednesday and Thursday are like date night, every single week! The challenge is to do something together that is free or really really cheap! We usually end up cleaning the house or going fishing, but it’s getting either old or no fun! 

Today on Pinterest, I ran across this post from The Dating Divas and it is such an awesome list! I love the fat that there are different categories for us to pick from, and what’s cheaper than playing games at home? Tonight, I plan to make his favorite – chicken Parmesan, and watch a movie on demand (for free, of course!). 

Today was tough for me. I took the little ones to the library for story time, and when we got home it was time to grab Dave and go shopping. We did a big SAMs run, and on the way home stopped at Winn Dixie to grab a few things that I didn’t need 8 pounds of. By the time I was half way through SAMs, my feet were killing me and I was out of breath. The rest of SAMs and then Winn Dixie was awful. But, I have what I need for a couple weeks of meals except a run to the meat market. I need to go through and finish up my menu planning. 

I have to get on the ball with my Mother’s Day crafting. I plan to help the kids make a handprint painting for their mom. It should be a lot of fun. I’d also like to make one for the house that include my boys, too. I also have to figure out something for My mom! Running outta daylight here! 

I wonder what Pinterest can inspire me to make for her?

Smothered crock pot pork chops


Last night I made a pretty amazing supper. Cheap too, because we scored an awesome deal on pork chops!

I was planning on making smothered pork chops, then using the leftovers for pork pot pie tonight. I went straight for Pinterest, and found a few that I loved and wanted to make, but was missing a few ingredients. Well… I wasn’t going to the store, so I had to fake it. And it worked… Deliciously! 

Dave’s brother in law is a butcher, and when he had to go to his Winn Dixie to speak to him for a minute, he pointed Dave to the 2 best deals in the clearance case. 10 pounds of chicken quarters for $3 and 5 huge pork chops (about 3 pounds, with the little porterhouse-type bone) for $4. !. Here’s what I did.

1 medium onion, 5 big pork chops, 1 can cream of mushroom, 1 can cream of celery, 1 packet ranch seasoning, 1 cup chicken broth, 1 Tbsp oregano, 1 Tbsp Italian seasoning, cracked black pepper.

Cut up an onion and layered it in the bottom of my crockpot.

Place the pork as evenly as I could, but there was a lot of stacking.

Mix cans, broth, ranch mix, and spices in a bowl; pour on top.

Crack pepper on top of that

Cook on low for 7ish hours

It was fall off the bone tender, the kids liked it, and it made plenty of gravy for the potatoes. I was able to feed all 7 of us plus have a little more than a whole chop for my pot pie tonight. I forgot to take a pic, I guess I haven’t been blogging for way too long! 

Anyway, enjoy. Also, update on last night- dishes got done, floor got swept, and the stove got a really good cleaning. Laundry got moved to today.