Meal Planning with Sale Ads

Meal Planning with Sale Ads

One of my favorite websites for grocery planning / couponing is It’s an amazing site run by Christian ladies that really teach the Thoughtful way to coupon. It’s more about providing for your family than getting more than you should from a store or being greedy. 

Many coupon sites promote “taking” or cheating the store to “win” the coupon game. The way I coupon, the True Couponing way, makes sure our family gets the best deals, while making sure other families get some, too! Instead of taking all 16 cans of Tomato soup for .05 each, take 6 and get a rain check! Other families, and the store, will thank you!! 

Anywho, enough on that. Today, I sat down with my sale ads and the website to make my menu. I like to look at what are really good deals this week, and make my menu out of that. 

I get $1.99 BS chicken breast and ground beef all the time. they also have a great sandwich combo. Sending my husband in added palomilla… weirdo.

I always have my butcher as my go-to for meal planning meat deals. I rarely buy grocery meats, unless it is a supurb deal. Very rarely.

I have been a huge supporter of my local meat market – Tampa Steak Company. They are the only meat market I have ever gone into without crinkling my nose at that horrible butcher smell! Look around your area for this type of clean, helpful, local butcher shop. They probably have much better prices on meat than the supermarket!

This week, my local market and coupons made spaghetti, chicken and biscuits (or pot pie), and chicken tacos great deals. So, I added them to my menu, with chicken tacos making a double batch so one goes in the freezer.  I looked at what freezer meals I have stocked, and added in chili from there. I also looked at what meat I had in the freezer that should be used soon and came up with a pork roast. And there you have a week of dinners, and one for the freezer!

Friday, my baby turns 9, so he gets to pick dinner – probably shepherds pie!  

Let the sale ads, your freezer meals, and older frozen meat decide your weekly plan!


I do my meal plan doodling while waiting for the bus, then I transfer it later. I’m a big proponent of using downtime! 

What is on your menu this week?


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