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Menu Planning for Winter Break

Menu Planning for Winter Break

In our house, we have a couple different schedules to keep up with. Child time-sharing between 3 households, school vacation time, and the added joy of 2 holidays to sort through makes meal planning “challenging”. Yeah, “challenging” is a good word!

With anywhere between 2 – 9 mouths to feed for every meal, it’s a little “challenging” to put it all together so that it makes sense. That’s where my meal planners come into play.

First, I completed the “My 21 Meals”. This is a list that I came up with, using the hubby and kids input, to figure out our favorite meals that everyone likes. Or, at least, most everyone likes. I use this list as a base for my meals, and add in some from a list of “want to try” recipes. Once I try a new one, if we like it, I add it to the big list. Right now, I’ve started on my second set of 21 Meals, but that’s cool! I like how it has a spot for me to show where I got the recipe, and what are some sides we like with it.

21 meals

From the list of 21 Meals, I was able to create a Sample Month (this is the first one, I will make a few so that we have some variety). It’s not complete – it’s much harder to plan for just Dave and I than it is for all the kids. He’d eat steak and baked potatoes every day if I let him!

Monthly Meal Plan #1

I’m working on a collection of “Monthly Meal Plans” that can be turned into any month I choose. This way, all the work will be done when I want to plan a month of meals.

Normally, I create a weekly meal plan jotted in my binder, but because of the 2 week school holiday, I decided to knock both weeks out in one shot. Especially since I had to include breakfast and lunch to the kids as well.


2 week menu planner

This menu planner, and a ton of other printables, came from and It. Is. Awesome. I joined List Plan It through a Homemaking bundle that I purchased a couple months ago, and I am thoroughly addicted. I’ve printed out menu planners, cleaning schedules, chore lists by child age, conversation starters, date night planners, and so much more! One of my favorite goodies on this site is the Homemaking E-planner. It has so much crammed into it that It’s an invaluable resource for anyone wanting to get a handle on this whole home-making thing.

$5 a month for new content every week, as well as access to some great e-books. I’m currently stumbling through the 100 Days til Christmas e-book. I’m kinda behind! They take PayPal, and that’s just a little piece of my ebay and crochet & knit pattern sales for a month. Not too shabby. Also, I am total a list girl!

Now, I’m off to take a peek at the new Blog Planning lists!




My Binder, upclose and personal

My Binder, upclose and personal

I love my binder. It keeps me on track, or at least reminds me of the things that I am not doing. There are very few MANDATORY items, well 1 actually. I HAVE to remember to take my meds. 7 in the morning, 9 at night. Too many, but it keeps my ticker ticking, and that’s what it’s all about. Perhaps along with the Hokey Pokey.

I posted a pic of my binder a couple weeks ago, with my plan on how to use it, but I wanted to show it off a little.

There were a number of different binders that I looked at before purchasing this one. They were all similarly priced, quite reasonable, I thought. I just had a hard time picking a verse that best fit what I wanted for myself in the coming year. Jeremiah 29:11 fit perfectly. I also really liked the turquoise one with Matthew 19:26, but ultimately stuck with Jeremiah. The big pluses to this one are the zipper that holds my pen pack in quite well, the different inspirational verses and quotes on every page, a weekly and monthly priority list, and prayer list each week. These keep me intentional with my praying and what I want to accomplish in my life.


I also got this amazing pen set from Staedtler. Staedtler Triplus Fineliner, 10 color pack. It’s a fineliner, almost like a felt tip, but a very small one for precision writing. The colors are awesome, and I love love love it. One of my favorite things about it is the case. It’s a hard case that snaps closed, or you can snap a different way and it stands up on it’s own for easier color access.

Do you use a binder to keep you organized? I have a whole Pinterest board dedicated to them! I just wish that I were half as creative as some of the folks on there!



My new planner arrived! I don’t know about you, but a new planner is like a brand new start for me. Fresh, shiny and perfect! I went back and forth about which cover I liked better, and this one won out. I love that it has areas each week for priorities, prayer requests, and notes. There are monthly goals for each month, and I like how the days are separated by AM/PM.

I decided to use the middle bar for my meal plan for the week, and put my 3 top priorities for the month. I also ordered cute little pens, and they zip right into my planner easy peasy. I think I will also add a bit about blogging. I don’t know if I can commit to every day… but at least a few times a week! 

Between choosing a meal plan each week, I’ve found that my biggest challenge is remembering to actually use my planner. I’m trying to actually make it a habit, so that it becomes second nature. I used to be so much better at this!

In other news, I was down for a few hours with a migraine. I feel bad for Dave because he had to referee all the hoodlums, I mean kids, but I couldn’t even get out of bed! Thankfully, it’s down to a dull ache, but at least I have dinner in the oven (Shepherds pie for Grayce’s 10th birthday). It’s starting to smell about done, so I think that’s my cue to be done with my post.

Have a great Saturday night! Hug the ones you love.