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The Garden Experiment: egg carton seedlings


My pumpkin seedlings are doing incredibly well. If I ever needed a project that showed kids how seeds grow… I’d use pumpkins. Right after this was taken, I moved the ones in the ramikin to a glass. They like it better that way. Also, best to ignore the dirty window!

These pumpkin seedlings are getting too big for their britches. I mean ramikin.

One of the things pinned on my Pinterest Garden board is a way to recycle an egg carton for seed starting. Many of my seeds in their Baggie greenhouses were getting mold, so they needed a change. I had an egg carton in the trash! Ok. We can do this!

I took my seedlings one at a time, pulled out the best 3 – 6 of each variety, wrapped their little roots in a little hunk of damp paper towel, and put them in the carton. The sixes had roommates in their egg cup, threes were alone. I tried to label them with the little sticky tabs on toothpicks… Didn’t work. So I settled for putting them on the carton, which did work. I was a little surprised.


I put a few drops of water in each cup, and off we go. I did not put the onions or carrots in there, mostly because I have a lot of each of them and they are doing ok in their Baggie. I am hoping for good weather and a not-sick hubby this weekend so he can go get my soil. Fingers crossed!


The Garden Experiment: seedlings


I noticed some bulging happening in the pumpkin baggie.


The pumpkin bag was a little outta control!

It was a little out of control, and led to me going through all of the baggies and separating out some of the good seedlings. But the pumpkins, oh, oh the pumpkins!


This is what I found, the pumpkin seedlings, in all their glory.

I took them out of their baggie and decided to try an experiment. I took 3 of the seedlings and put the in a shot glass as a sort of hydroponic thing. The other 2 I left in the Baggie but kept their heads out, but zipped up the rest so it kept some of the “greenhouse” effect. I was really wanting to see if one way would do anything different than the other way.


Hydroponic or greenhouse… which is better?

That was yesterday afternoon. I thought it was a good plan, and I was pretty interested to see how it would be different. This afternoon, I noticed something pretty startling.


So far the greenhouse has it by at least an inch. Maybe hydroponic will catch up tomorrow?

After 24 hours, my little seedlings still in the Baggie had grown quite a bit! Like… A scary lot! It was over 6 inches. Way bigger than its counterparts in the shot glass. Although, I do like the look of the intermingled roots. It’s really cool to look at.

In other news, nothing has really gotten done on the actual bed, but I thought I would show you what it looks like.


After construction, before dirt.

Clever, no? I am really hoping that over the weekend I will be able to get the dirt to go in the garden, but the hubby has been sick, so fingers crossed!

Tomorrow, I plan to tell you about my cook day today. 12 meals in my freezer and I only had to spend about $55 and 4 hours.

Bit of advice though, when planning a cook day that requires 12 zipper bags… Make sure you have more than 4! Ugh.

The Garden Experiment, part 2


I wanted to show off my little seedlings. Well, some of them anyway. Almost all of them have sprouted, and the tarragon probably needs to not be done in a paper towel since it is very hard to get them unstuck from the paper!



Those are peas and pumpkins!

At this point, take some time and gently pull loose any of the sprouts that have dug into the towel, unless you have them really well spaced, in which case you will (eventually) be able to plant that little portion of the towel by itself.

As for the raised “bed” it has been put together, and painted. He even used some of that foamy yellow stuff to plug up some holes. This weekend, we’ll buy the dirt. hubby’s magic math says that we need exactly 1 cubic yard.

I’ve also started experimenting with compost by saving all of our veggie and flour-based waste in a little bucket on the counter. It stinks when I open it, but its fine closed.

I will update you later with pics of the bed once its got something in it. I will also be scouting out Pinterest for cute garden labels. I’ve seen some adorable mod poged spoons!

The garden experiment


Today I started my garden. Sort of.


This is my way of picking the best seeds to start a garden with… zip top snack bags!

The quickest and easiest way to start seeds is in a folded up wet paper towel inside a ziplock bag. This makes a mini-greenhouse, and is a great environment to sprout seeds. It is a great way to see which seeds will take, and which will be the strongest to actually plant. Usually I’ll start about twice the number of seeds as plants that I want. That way, if some don’t take, that’s fine. If I mess one up during the planting, that’s fine too. I also keep them for a bit after planting in case some don’t thrive once planted.

This is the most ambitious garden I’ve ever undertaken. Usually it would be a couple plants that rarely make it off the window sill! I bought a box of snack bags from the Dollar Tree (for snacks!) and decided instead of doing it the way I had planned (3 quart bags with a few seed varieties each marked with bag closers), I would use the snack bags. Makes it easier to know which seeds are which.


This is the way I was planning on doing it, but changed it for snack bags instead. More bags, but less hassle!

Now I just put it in the window sill and wait for some sprouting to happen. By the time the garden bed is ready, the plants should be started.