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One Little Thing… Freezer Inventory

Keeping track of what you have makes it easy to see what you can make!

Keeping track of what you have makes it easy to see what you can make!

I organized my freezer and decided that I needed a better way of keeping track of what I had and didn’t. I used to use that white board and write down what I had by category(ish) and use the Xs like I do here. Line one way for each item you have. Line the other way as you use them – making an X. It’s so much easier than changing a digit each time you grab something out of the freezer.

I took the one from this one from NW Edible (scroll down a little) and changed it up. The awesomeist thing about this printable is that it can open in Word, Pages, or as a PDF. I changed it up to make it something more usable to me by adding another column, changing the fonts a bit, and giving it smaller margins. It’s perfect for my needs.

If it were mine, I’d share my changes… but it’s not. Sorry.

I put mine in a sheet protector so I don’t have to reprint or erase. I also used a wet-erase market instead of dry erase so it is less likely that my marks will go away just by writing on the thing. It would suck to put all that work into counting to have it rub off! I also have this on my Menu board. I make a menu each week so that I can see what I need, and most importantly so I don’t have to answer THAT question 15 times a day! Posting a menu also helps me remember to get out the meat in the morning. MUCH easier than deciding what to make that night, seeing if I have all those ingredients, and then remembering to get the meat out!

Of course Pinterest has eleventy seven other freezer inventories, depending on what you like and how your family eats. Print one, protect it, fill it, out, use it.

It’ll help – trust me!!


One Week Challenge


This is my first week, in almost a year, of unemployment. I have big plans for this week! It’s Spring Break, so I have no school, and the kiddos are in Day Care for their Spring Break (it was paid for well before I knew I wouldn’t be working)… so I have a house to myself for a whole week. I am going to attempt to get this place in some sembelence of order in that week, so I am going to do my very best to get as much deep cleaning as I can.

I think that my first step today is to do ALL of my normal weekly cleaning, so it’s done and I can concentrate on the NOT-normal cleaning that I need to do. I imagine that once the deep cleaning is done that the normal weekly cleaning will go so much smoother!

So, lets look at the goals for today.

1. Clean the Kitchen (counters, wipe appliances, sweep/mop the floor)

2. Clean the Bathrooms (Here’s my Orderly list to help! Clean the Bathroom )

3. Change all bedding (I’ll probably strip the beds and Fabreeze them first)

4. Tidy every room

5. Sweep/Mop/Vacuum every room

6. Shine glass & screens (computers, tvs, windows, glass doors, china cabinet)

7. Dust flat surfaces

8. Do some laundry

I plan to drop the boys off at 8 and pick the boys up around 4. That gives me 8 hours to do all of the above and eat something. I think I can manage if I can stay away from the electronics!! As helpful as Pinterest is… it’s detrimental to my time-management skills!

Clean up the bathroom with this handy list!

Clean up the bathroom with this handy list!