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The Garden Experiment, part 2


I wanted to show off my little seedlings. Well, some of them anyway. Almost all of them have sprouted, and the tarragon probably needs to not be done in a paper towel since it is very hard to get them unstuck from the paper!



Those are peas and pumpkins!

At this point, take some time and gently pull loose any of the sprouts that have dug into the towel, unless you have them really well spaced, in which case you will (eventually) be able to plant that little portion of the towel by itself.

As for the raised “bed” it has been put together, and painted. He even used some of that foamy yellow stuff to plug up some holes. This weekend, we’ll buy the dirt. hubby’s magic math says that we need exactly 1 cubic yard.

I’ve also started experimenting with compost by saving all of our veggie and flour-based waste in a little bucket on the counter. It stinks when I open it, but its fine closed.

I will update you later with pics of the bed once its got something in it. I will also be scouting out Pinterest for cute garden labels. I’ve seen some adorable mod poged spoons!